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 Board Proceedings and Government orders

Sl. No. B.P. MS. No Subject Wing
1 84/ Dt.05.03.2001 General Provident Fund – Relaxation of Rule 15A, Rule 15B and Rule 26B of GPF (Tamilnadu) Rules in favour of the employees of the Board who opt for the GPF finance Insurance Scheme for financing their policies from their GPF accumulation - Orders issued. GPF-I
2 99/ Dt.15.03.2001 Loans and Advances – H.B.A. enhancement of ceiling of H.B.A. from Rs.4.00 lakh to Rs.6.00 lakh - Orders issued. Loans & Advances
3 73/ Dt.15.03.2002 TWAD Board – Investment of G.P.F. accumulations in Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation for Rs.1.55 crores – Ratification – Consideration of investment in other institution like Co-operative Banks, Government Bond’s etc., - orders – issued. MWSS
4 61 /Dt.11.6.2007 Investment of GPF accumulations - action of Managing Director, TWAD Board in having made investment of Rs.1,82,09,000/- towards GPF accumulations in Tamil Nadu Transport Development Finance Corporation Ltd., Chennai-2 - Ratified - Reg.
5 105 / Dt.03.10.2008 Adoption of rate of interest for GPF accumulation at the credit of TWAD Board - subscribers for the financial year 2007-08 - orders issued - Regarding. GPF
6 17 Dated 10.02.2010 General provident Fund – Adoption of rate of interest for the G.P.F. accumulation at the credit of the TWAD Board subscribers for the financial year 2008-2009 and 2009-2010- orders – Issued. GPF-I
7 177 Dt.6.5.1997 General Provident Fund - Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board - Rate of Interest for the Financial Year 1996-97 - Orders - Issued. GPF
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