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 Board Proceedings and Government orders

Sl. No. B.P. MS. No Subject Wing
1 100/ Dt.15.03.2001 TWAD Board – Creation of revolving fund of Rs.15.00 crore for the maintenance of CWSSs. MWSS
2 162/ Dt.02.07.2001 Water Supply - Water Supply to Industrial Complex of Tuticorin 20 MGD Water Supply Scheme – Rejuvenation of W.S.S. – Loan sanctioned by Government – Repayment – Regarding. MWSS
3 13/ Dt.14.01.2003 D.C.B. of maintenance charges/water charges for the month of November 2002. MWSS
4 95 Dated 02.08.2005 TWAD Board - Levy of Interest at 1% P.M. on the outstanding water charges in respect of all Urban and Rural Local Bodies. MWSS
5 51 /Dt.29.5.2007 Levy of interest on the outstanding water charges in respect of beneficiaries-waiver of penal interest – Reg
6 94 /Dt.6.9.2007 Creation of Revolving fund of Rs.15 Crores for the maintenance of CWSS withdrawn - Orders issued - Reg.
7 117 /Dt.29.10.2007 Prescription of rate of interest on the GPF accumulations at the credit of TWAD Board Subscribers from 2006-07 - Action taken on the court case in respect of Case No.183/2006 in WP No.2146 /98 - Filed by TWAD Board Accounts officials Association in the Hon'ble High Court of Madras and mediation and conciliation talks in the Tamil Nadu Mediation and Conciliation centre - High Court, Madras - Orders issued - Reg.
8 B.P.Ms.No.147dt.1.12.2009 Accounts - CWSS – Maintenancce - Accounting Procedure-Accounting of yester year Demand on Accrual Basis-orders issued MWSS
9 163 Dt.5.5.1997 Procurement of new Diesel driven Jeep as replacement for condemned Petrol Driven Jeep - Approved by Board - Reg. COM
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