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FIELD WATER TESTING KIT “A Mini Lab in the Palm “


With the prime objective of institutionalization of community participation and involvement of PRIs for water quality monitoring and surveillance of all drinking water sources , the GOI has launched NRDWQM &SP for which the TWAD Board has developed simple user friendly Field water testing Kit

TWAD Board has been fabricating simple user friendly Field water testing Kit since February 2006 for water quality monitoring and surveillance at the community level.

The Field water testing kit is


Evaluated by IIT, Chennai as Grade 'A' and included in GOI website

Cost Rs.2,500+12% GST/- each

Weigh 1.5 kg only! No heating procedures!

Economical and cost effective

Simple to use and customer friendly

Can be used by Schools and Panchayat

Reagents can be replenished through the TWAD Board State laboratory.

Shelf life – 1 year

Individual test kits are also available for :

pH, Alkalinity, Hardness, Iron, Ammonia, Nitrite,Nitrate and Phosphate – Rs. 200+12% GST/- each

Turbidity and Fluoride – Rs. 150+12% GST/- each .

Residual Chlorine, Rs.100+12% GST/- .

For Bacteriological examination H2S vials are available at a cost of Rs 18+12% GST/= per vial.

In Tamilnadu, field test kits are supplied to all 12,524 Panchayat and schools to monitor the water quality in the field itself .

Five village level functionaries like SHG, PHC, School teacher , Panchayat clerk and Panchayat President from each panchayat were trained to use this kit with awareness on water quality and water borne diseases .

The Field water testing kits are supplied to almost all the states as per their requirement on payment basis, for promoting community participation and creating awareness.

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