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TWAD Board is implementing a online computerization system using the state-of-the-art Information and Communication Technology from 2007. Prior to this, various offline software developed in house were used

The integrated online application software "TWADNEST" is developed and implemented with the support of NIC, Chennai. The Application software covers the following functional areas of TWAD Board.

   Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

   Financial Accounting System (FAS)

   Project Monitoring system (PMS)

   Demand Collection and Balance

   Water Quality-monitoring system (WQMS)

 Salient features

 This software has been developed using an Internet / Intranet based enterprise class of web application

 Day to day transactions of TWAD Board happens online

 The delay in the Information collection and dissemination is avoided

 Establishing the WAN and LAN infrastructure, improving the hardware , building a centralised database and infrastructure development in 114            offices of TWAD Board in 32 Districts

 Voice over IP (VOIP) technology is established for communication among the TWAD Board offices

 Established Data Center at NIC, Chennai and Head Office of TWAD Board for providing online services

 Desktop Computers, Printers, Scanner etc for all offices and Laptop for Senior Officers are provided

 Engineering CAD Standalone software

 Distribution system ? design and analysis

 Pumping Main - design and analysis

 Branch Main - design and analysis

 Sewerage System ? design and analysis

 Civil data preparation for Estimation of Projects

 Water retaining structure - design of ground level Sump

 AutoCAD & Auto MAP - drafting and plotting of plans/drawings

 Structural design software

 E - Tendering / E.Submission

 E-tendering is implemented for all the tenders costing more than 10 lakhs and above

 Training-cum-awareness programmes have been conducted through Training wing of Head office, TWAD Board for effective implementation of
E-Tendering system

 Data Centre

TWAD Board have Data Centers at Head Office, Chennai and NIC, Chennai, which is equipped with dedicated Web Server, Database server, Application server, Mail server and Backup server. These Servers are connected to all offices of TWAD Board up to division level using Intranet using Wide Area Network. Local Area Network, and Broadband connectivity through TNSWAN

 Network and IP Phone

 TWAD Board has established comprehensive LAN and WAN across all the offices using the TNSWAN

 BSNL Broad Band connection is also has been provided in all the offices for fall-back option to provide uninterrupted data communication connectivity

 IP Video phone and IP Phone are established in field offices using TNSWAN connectivity

 Mail server - http://mail.twadboard.gov.in

An exclusive mail server has been hosted in the Head Office data center using Open source technology for all the employees of TWAD Board and Office level communication

 Centralised Anti virus server

Dedicated centralized antivirus server in TWAD Head office is established for protection of all computers in Head office against virus threat

 Award for E- Governance Activities

The TWADNEST e Governance project has won two prestigious awards during the year 2009

 Best IT implementation award for 2009

Cyber Media (I) Ltd., leading IT publication in India publishing Data Quest, PC Quest etc, is awarding ?Best IT implementation award? every year under various category for the best eGovernance Projects in India. TWAD Board?s e governance project (TWADNEST) has been nominated through online for the Best IT implementation award 2009 competition

After evaluating the TWADNEST under 4 phases, the PC Quest selected TWADNEST being implemented by TWAD Board as the PC Quest Best IT implementation award 2009, in the Best Managed Project Category, out of 250 projects participated all over the country

 CSI - Nihilent e Governance award 2008-2009

Computer Society of India, a GOI Society having thousands of chapters all over India is awarding eGovernance award every year for the best eGovernance Projects in India under various category. TWAD Board?s e-governance project (TWADNEST) has been nominated for the CSI - Nihilent eGovernance award 2008-2009 through online

After evaluating the TWADNEST project in four phases such as online nomination, short listing, field visits, final presentations and deliberations by the selection committee, the CSI has selected TWADNEST Project as the Winner of CSI - Nihilent eGovernance award 2008-2009

 Water Sanitations support activities(MIS)

The Govt of India has released modified guidelines for the implementation of National Rural Drinking Water Programme (NRDWP) with effect from 1st April 2009

Under this programme , an amount of Rs 15.85 crore was allocated for support activities for the year 2010-11. Out of this, provision have been given under MIS and GIS for Rs.3.19 crore for the purchase of computers, servers, Laser printers, UPS, Scanners, Fax machines, pen drives, anti virus software, vanavil tamil software, Auto CAD , MS projects software, Structural design software and CAD for water supply and sewerage , GIS software etc, Strengthening of GIS cells and remote sensing laboratory at Chennai, Preparation of Digital Topo sheet, district wise water Atlas for over exploited blocks, site preparation and Training etc

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