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R & D Activities and GIS Cell

Research and Developmental activities are an integral part of the scientific activity. In the field of water resources the priority areas for research and developmental activities, in general, may be related to

 Water resources exploration, assessment and exploitation related technology development

 Technology development for improvement in water extraction techniques

 Water scarcity reduction and related technology development

 Technology for water quality enhancement and pollution abetments for rural areas

 Development of appropriate rural sanitation technology

 Watershed management to optimize the drinking water supply

 Water Health interaction in the socio economic cultural set up

TWAD Board over the years have generated rich experience and expertise in water resources exploration and exploitation and the focus / stand is now switching over to the Conservation and Management practices. The state of art of technology – Geographical Information System- GIS is now adopted in TWAD Board in the field of water resources. Application of GIS in water resources management has been taken up on a watershed approach and the Micro level water management studies carried out so far have indicated favourable and fruitful results in proper conservation and management practices.

 Manpower Availability:

 The geological personnel available in the Hydrogeology wing of TWAD Board (both at head office and in field level) have vast expertise in the field of            assessment, conservation and management of the water resources

 Training has been imparted to the geologist in application oriented GIS and watershed development

 Expertise Available:

 Expertise in taking up hydrological studies on a water shed approach

 Implemented the Unicef assisted Water Resources Management Study in Karaipottanar Watershed in Namakkal district of Tamilnadu State.

 Completed the Project on the preparation of District Water resources Atlas

 Completed the project on Lineament Analysis using Digital data for creating the sustainable drinking water source for rural areas

 Taken up the project on Recharge through Bore Blasting in Muttanchetty Micro watershed

 Taken up recharging the groundwater through defunct bore wells in Puduchattram block of Namakkal district of Tamilnadu

 Formulated project proposals on preparation of Groundwater Prospect map for other States using application of GIS (under GOI assistance), Project          on Natural Resource information System (Under ISRO –NNRMS assistance), Project on Watershed Development (under State planning Commission            funding), Project on Coastal Zone Management (with Department of Science and Technology funding)

 Infra structure Available:

 Availability of the GIS Packages - Arc INFO, Arc View, Erdas for taking up GIS application based Projects

 Related Hardware and Software required for the R & D works

 Availability of the data products for taking up the research and development projects

 Availability of the Digital data base for the entire State of Tamilnadu

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