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 Board Proceedings and Government orders
Sl.No. B.P. Ms. No. Subject Wing
1 103 Dated 23.11.2010 TWAD Board -Formation of Committee to Review the Existing Guidelines and suggest suitable guidelines for collecting investigation charges for taking up water supply projects as Deposit works - orders issued - Regarding. PDC
2 101 Dated 23.11.2010 TWAD Board -The Fact Sheet on general polices evolved by H.O. PDC
3 115/05.06.95 WSS to TACID Industrial Growth Centre  At Perungurai, Periyar District ( Erode ).Construction of collection Well cum pump house Coffer Dam, Foot Bridge, Off - Take Arrangements Etc. Awarding the work on Nomination - approved - orders issued. P&D
4 125/03.07.95 TWAD Board - Providing Seperate Sewer main from Cheran n"Towers to Ukkadam Disposal site in Coimbatore District as a deposit work Administrative approval accorded  - regarding P&D
5 243/ dated 17.09.1996 Outline Proposal for Providing 1 MGD Water Supply Scheme to TACID Industries Complex at Pallapatty Village in Nilakkottai Taluk of Dindigul -Anna District ( Dindigul )- Administrative Approval - Orders issued P&D
6 357/ dated 12.11.1996 TWAD Board-  Burgur industrial estate - WSS outline proposal -Administrative approval-regarding P&D
7 365/ dated 04.12.1996 TWAD Board - Nagai Quaide-millet district ( Nagapattinam)- WSS to Madras Petrolium refinaries near Panangudi -revised estimate-administrative approval-regarding P&D
8 371/ dated 04.12.1996 TWAD Board - North Arcot Ambetkar Dist  ( vellore)- Ranipet SIPCOT industrial Estate WSIS-outline proposal - administrative approval -regarding P&D
9 533 Dt.4.12.97 Construction of 3 numbers of additional SRs of 3 lakh litres capacity and feeder main to SR under Sivakasi WSS - Deposit work - AS accorded - Reg. P&D
10 57 Dt.17.2.1997 Revised Outline Proposal for providing 1 MGD independent WSS TO Defence Establishment at Wellington in Nilgiris District - Reg. P&D
11 100 Dt.31.3.1997 Installation of Desalination Plants in Ramanathapuram District - Work entrusted to M/s BHEL - Payment to M/s BHEL - Orders issued - Reg. P&D
12 111 Dt.3.4.1997 Providing additional source for 1 MGD WSS to TACID Industrial Complex near Pallapatty village in Dindigul Mannar Thirumalai District                 ( Dindigul )- approval accorded - Reg. P&D
13 112 Dt.3.4.1997 Outline proposal for providing additional 1 MGD WSS to Tuticorin Port Trust at VO Chidambaranar District ( Tuticorin )- Administrative Approval accorded - Reg. P&D
14 128 Dt.3.4.1997 Outline proposal for providing WSS to the proposed Housing colony at Muthampalayam near Erode in Periyar District (Erode ) - Deposit Work - Administrative approval - accorded - Reg. P&D
15 18/8.1.98 TWAD Board - Water Supply Scheme to SIPCOT Industrial Complex at Cheyyar in Tiruvannamalai District - Deposit work - Administrative approval - accorded - orders issued.  P&D
16 205/8.5.98  TWAD Board - Revised outline proposal for providing water supply scheme to Bargur Industrial Complex in Dharmapuri District - Thenpennaiyar river as source - Administrative approval accorded - orders issued.  P&D
17 12/ dated 07.01.2000 Formulation of Water Supply Schemes to M/s. Nagarjuna Oil Corporation Ltd., in Cuddalore District by TWAD Board - Reg P&D
18 86/ dated 12.04.2000 Formulation of Water Supply Schemes to M/s. Nagarjuna Oil Corporation Ltd., in Cuddalore District by TWAD Board - Fixation of Water Charges -  Approval Accorded - Regarding. P&D
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