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 Board Proceedings and Government orders
Sl.No. B.P. Ms. No. Subject Wing
1 76/ Dt.22.03.2002 TWAD Board – Implementation of IEC Activities – Delegation of powers to empowered IEC Committee and Public Relation Manager, TWAD Board - orders – issued. PRM
2 11/ Dt.13.01.2003 TWAD Board –Implementation of IEC activities – Reconstitution of IEC Empowered Committee and re-delegation of powers to Manager (IAC), TWAD - orders – issued – Action ratified. IAC
3 14/ Dt. 14.01.2003 The levy of charges for scrutinizing and offering expert opinion for the project referred to TWAD Board by TNUDF. P & D
4 34/ Dt.17.02.2003 TWAD Board – Availing of a loan of Rs.12098.87 lakh from HUDCO for implementation of Rural Water Supply Schemes during 2002-2003 - orders – issued. IFS-II
5 74 Dated 18.07.2006 Provision of Basic Amenities to Rural and Urban Areas - Water Supply Schemes - Works entrusted to TWAD Baord by the District Collectors - Waiver of Centage - Ratification - orders issued – reg. PM
6 33 /Dt.28.5.2007 Payment ordered towards the purchase of land belonging to Panaivella Kooturavu Society, Kuzhithurai for providing Treatment Plant to Methukummal - Kaliakkavilai CWSS and Kollencode-Ezhuthesam CWSS - Ratification – Reg. PDC
7 57 /Dt.29.5.2007 Field water testing kit - supply to Gram Panchayat - Diversion of Rs. 268.20 lakhs from MNP fund to EE(RWS) to purchase field kits - Orders issued - Reg. CWA
8 25 /25.3.2008 NABARD RIDF XII - To meet out the excess expediture incurred over the sanctioed cost for 139 projects implemented uder NABARD loan assistance RIDF XII from the savings available in MNP fund - approval accorded - reg. PM
9 98/Dt.12.08.2009 According Administrative Approval to the proposal of shifting of pumping main from Mannivakkam to Oragadam (Km 33/2 to 45/4) under Tambaram - Pallavram CWSS due to Widening of Road by TNRIDC - Approved - orders issued.
10 B.P.Ms.No.165 Proposal of shifting of pumping main from Mannivakkam to Oragadam under Tambaram Pallavaram CWSS due widening of Road -Revised Administrative approval-Orders issued.
11 76 Dated 16.08.2010 Verification of Genuineness of the Bank Guarantees Received in Tendering & Contractors and other instructions - orders issued
12 94 Dated 27.09.2010 TWAD Board -Entrusting the review of Detailed Project Report for Water Supply Schemes costing more than Rs.50 Crore by Independent Third Party Consultant - Approval accorded - orders issued - Regarding.
13 101 Dated 23.11.2010 TWAD Board - fact sheet on General Policies evolved by Head Office Technical Committee & State Level Technical Commitee, during the Past five years placed before Board - Single Technical Committee instead of two technical committees for scrutiny of projects and other technical issues - Formation of the committee for review of relevance to the circulars already issued based on HOTC decisions - orders issued - regarding.
14 102 Dated 23.11.2010 TWAD Board - Enhancing the percapita supply to provide water supply to Local Bodies of Urban Agglomeration area - oders issued - regarding.
15 14/ Dt. 3.01.2001 Providing additional | MGD Ws schemes to thoothkudi port trust. Revised Administrative approval accorded -Regarding. P & D
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