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• Tiruvannamalai district is bounded on the North and Northwest by Vellore district and west by Dharmapuri district and south by Villupuram districts and east by Kancheepuram district.
• The District lies between 12º 00'00’’to 12º 52’30’Northlatitude and East Longitude 78º 39’30’’ to 79º 45’36’’. The total geographical extent of the area is 6190 Sq.Km.
• There are 18 Blocks, 860 Villages and 4755 Habitations in the District.
 Physiography and Drainage:
• The entire district is an undulating terrain with isolated hillocks on the western and north western parts.
• The western part of the district is covered by Javadhu hill ranges while the eastern part is characterized by isolated hillocks
• Tiruvannamalai hill occurs right in the centre of the town with an elevation of 800m (2668ft).
• There are many isolated hillocks and tor complexes seen in Tiruvannamalai, Thandarampet, Chengam, Polur, Arni and Kalasapakkam blocks
• The major rivers traversing the area are Ponnaiyar and Cheyyar.
• The major part of the district falls under the Palar sub catchment and extreme southern part of the district fall under Ponnaiyar sub catchment.
The average annual rainfall and the 5 years rainfall collected from IMD, Chennai is as follows:
Acutal Rainfall in mmNormal Rainfall in mm
Rock TypeGeological Formation
Sedimentary Rock 90%
Hard Rock 10%
Charnockite, Gneiss, Granite,
Sandstone, Shale, Sand and silt
and Alluvium
Type of Aquifer Discontinuous unconfined to semi
confined aquifers in fissured formations.
Aquifer parametersHard rock
Well yield in lpm30 to 250
Transmissivity (T)m2/day 10.2 - 542.8
Permeability (K)(m/day))0.39 to 1.56
Depth of Water level3m to 22m
 Ground Water Level::
The Ground Water levels from the 58 number of observation wells of TWAD have been analysed for Post-Monsoon and Pre-Monsoon. Since 1991 average Ground water level in m Below Ground Level for pre and post monsoon is as follows:
With a view to enhance the Sustainability of the drinking water sources, recharge structures are being implemented by TWAD Board under various State and Central Government assistances.
The Recharge Structures implemented so far is as under.
Recharge Structures
Check Dam Percolation Pond Recharge Pit Recharge Trench Others Ooranies Defunct Bore well Recharge Recharge Shaft Roof top RWH Hydro Fracturing Total
546 39 9 24 30 648
 Groundwater Potential as on March 2011 (as per CGWB):
Net Groundwater Availability (in MCM)1093.34
Existing Gross Groundwater draft for all users (in MCM)924.37
Stage of Groundwater development (in %)85%
Categorization of DistrictSemi Critical
 Categorization of Firkas:
The status of Categorization of firkas as of March 2011 for the District is shown below.
Categorisation based on Extraction (as on 2011) No. of Firkas Firkas
Over Exploited (>100%) 13 Chengam, Cheyyar, Kilpennathur, Osur
pachal, Melpallipattu, Somaspadi, Malaiyur, Pudupalayam,
Vandavasi, Thandarampat, Thurinjapuram, Veraiyur.
Critical (90%-100%) 16 Kettavarampalayam,Nayadumangalam, Vanapuram, Eraiyur,
Thanipadi, Thatchampattu,Chennavaram,
Vadathandalam, Desur, Kelur, Kilkodungalur, Kolappalur, Nedungunam,
Peranamallur, Santhavasal, Thachambadi
Semi Critical (70%-90%) 19 Anakavoor, Dusi, Kadaladi, Kalasapakkam,
Mandakolathur, Modayur, Polur,
T.V. Malai (South), Vakkadai,
Vinnamangalam, Mullipattu , Nateri,
Thethurai, Mangalam, Agrapalayam, Kannamangalam, Vakkadai, Vettavlam.
Safe (<70%) 4 Perungattur, Sathyavijayanagaram,Vembakkam,Arni.
Others (Poor& Saline) 1 Minjur
Total 52
Water supply status as on 1.4.2017
 Rural Habitations
Total No. of Rural Habitations: 4753
Partially covered 42 (10-39 lpcd )
Fully covered 4711 (40 lpcd and above)
 Urban Towns (Water supply status - Sep 2016)
S.NOName of Towns Population Present water supply level LPCD
1Thiruvannamalai 145278 115
2Vandavasi 31320 86
3Thiruvathipuram 37802 85
4Arani 63671 82
Town Panchayats
1 Polur 28123 70
2 Kannamangalam 7399 81
3 Vettavalam 15506 70
4 Chetpet 19827 70
5 Kilpennathur 13718 74
6 Kalambur 14304 77
7 Pudupalayam 11382 72
8 Desur 4597 71
9 Chengam 26980 81
10 Peranamallur 5801 84
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