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Augmentation of Water Supply to Palladam Municipality, 23 Town Panchayats, and 965 Rural Habitations in 8 Unions in Coimbatore and Tiruppur District.
Quantity : 125 Mld.            Project Cost : Rs.224.92 Cr.
           Technical Sanction : Rs.206.60 Cr.


Coimbatore is one among the prosperous district in Tamil Nadu not merely on account of its industrial infrastructures but because of a very sound agricultural base. Presently, Palladam Municipality, 23 Town panchayats and Rural habitations nearby Coimbatore are developed so rapidly.


A scheme was formulated with Pillur reservoir as source, based on the projected population of 1996 for Coimbatore Corporation, Palladam Municipality, 23 Town panchayats and 510 rural habitations and for industries and institutions in Coimbatore district. This scheme was commissioned during 1995. At present a quantity of 65.97 mld for Coimbatore Corporation and 59.03 mld for other beneficiaries is being supplied through this scheme .


Now, Palladam Municipality, 23 Town panchayats, 510 rural habitations developed so rapidly and attained the designed population. Hence the scheme which is now in existence became inadequate to meet out the daily demand.


The Population for Palladam Municipality, 23 Town panchayats & 965 rural habitations are worked out as follows

Base year(2010)988270


The Intermediate raw water requirement of 262.50 mld both for Coimbatore corporation and the beneficiaries of this scheme is proposed to be drawn from the existing Pillur reservoir. For Augmentation of Water Supply Scheme to Palladam, 23 T.Ps, 965 RH, existing Turbine pump sets of 6 nos.(2Nos stand by) are utilised to pump water, through the existing 1500 mm dia MS pipe upto raw water tunnel. From the raw water tunnel exit, the requirement of 131.25 mld for this scheme is taken to the existing Treatment plant through the existing 1500 PSC mains.

The clear water (125 mld) will be pumped to the existing clear water tunnel through 1500mm PSC pipe using 6 Nos of Pump sets which are to be replaced under rejuvenation work ( 2 Nos. stand bye) From the tunnel exit, water is tapped at various locations in the existing main and proposed mains and conveyed to the 1133 existing service reservoirs and newly proposed 102 service reservoirs and distributed to the existing and proposed distribution system. In addition to the existing 15 LL capacity BSR another 15 LL capacity BSR is proposed .


The total cost of the scheme is Rs.224.92 Crores

The Administrative approval has been accorded vide G.O.Ms.No.162/ MA & WSI / Dept./ dt. 11.8.2010 for Rs.224.92 Crore.

The Detailed Project report has been proof checked by third party consultant and technical sanction has been accorded for Rs.206.60 Crore.


The Scheme has been implemented with the funds from TN Government share and ULB contribution


Work completed and the Scheme is under TWAD Board Maintenance from 01/06/2017.

The Scheme was Inaugurated by the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Tamilnadu on 27.02.2016


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